USBC Awards & Applications

USBC Awards & Applications

The USBC has made some changes to the award structure, and made some design changes to some of the pre-existing awards.  To get a glimpse of these awards, check out the link below.  If you need more award applications for High Scores or Special Achievements, you can also download them by clicking the link below.


Mid-Hudson Awards


USBC Awards & Applications


2007-08 USBC Award Changes


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Justin D. Lee

Selected Award

Award:75 Pins Over
Center:West Point Bowling Center
League:Sunday Night Mixed
Date:Feb 11, 2018

More Awards for Justin

225 Game Adult Tag (190 average or less)Nov 10, 2013more...
600 Series Adult Tag (175 average or less)Jan 26, 2014more...
75 Pins Over Average AdultMar 02, 2014more...
250 Game Adult Tag (215 average or less)Mar 02, 2014more...
275 GameFeb 26, 2017more...
100 Pins Over GameFeb 26, 2017more...
75 Pins OverFeb 26, 2017more...
140 Pins OverFeb 26, 2017more...
700 SeriesFeb 26, 2017more...
250 Game (200 average or less)Mar 02, 2017more...
225 Game (180 average or less)Oct 29, 2017more...
250 Game (200 average or less)Feb 11, 2018more...

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High Series

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High Series

Karen Beam