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79th Annual Tournament Prize List

Pat Tarsio Lanes

For those of you that do not know, a team can only cash in one division of an event.  Therefore, if a team won 1st place in the handicap, and 3rd place in the scratch division of an event, they are only entitled to the money for the rank that pays the most.  This means that the money for the other division would go to the next team in the rankings.



Team Handicap

Place Team name
1 “ GCD Lock and Door “ Gary Embler, Jr, Joseph Wallker, Bill Cook, James Kienz
2 “ Bruce Bryan Agency “ Joseph Como, Jr, Bruce Bryan, Chris Vanriper, John Martin
3 “ We Can “ Michael King, William Rose, Michael Fialkowski, Alan Blohm
4 “ The Final Team “ James Pagliaro, Thomas Laurencell, Dominick Decker, Michael Senatore
5 “ When All Else Fails Drink Beer” Tim Koch, Carol Butti, Thomas Butti, Jason Gannon



Team Scratch

Place Team name
1 “ Ugly Bob Dos “ Timothy Maneely, David Lambert, Philip Bruno, Jr, Nicholas Wells
2 “ Hudson Valley Bowling Supply” Matthew Vazquez, Karen Beam, Steven Beam, Stephen Marsh



Doubles Handicap

Place Team name
1 Gary Jansen, Jason Gannon
2 Frank Lysaght, Joseph Nostrand
3 Lawrence Schupner, Richard Pascullo
4 Hal Peni, Thomas Beam
4 Matthew Vazquez, Stephen Marsh
6 George Garrison, William Wendel
7 John Tucker, Michael Miller
8 Michael Caldara, Robert Feliciano



Doubles Scratch

Place Team name
1 Timothy Maneely, Nicholas Wells
2 Philip Bruno, Jr, Ross Whitehead
3 Lars Kohler, Douglas Matteson
4 Stephen Pyatt, William Scholl



Singles Handicap

Place Team name
1 Ross Whitehead
2 Michael Caldara
3 Robert Feliciano
4 Frank Lysaght
5 Matthew Watkins
6 Arlene Johnston
7 John Tucker
8 William Rose
9 Bruce Bryan
10 Chris Vanriper
11 Gary Jansen
12 Fred Simoni
13 John Thiell
13 Michael Giacoia
15 Ryan Smith
15 Anthony Platoni



Singles Scratch

Place Team name
1 Jon Lewis
2 Nicholas Wells
3 William Scholl
4 James Kienz
5 Marvin Geller
6 Bryan Wendel
7 Billy Tarsio
8 Philip Bruno



All Events Handicap

Place Team name
1 Ross Whitehead
2 Bruce Bryan
3 Matthew Vazquez
4 James Kienz
5 John Tucker



All Events Scratch

Place Team name
1 Nicholas Wells
2 John Lewis
3 George Garrison